The Origins of The Naming Project

By Ross Murray June 18, 2022

"What do lesbians do? I mean, sexually?” the woman asked me. Even though I’d been working for..

Meet the Fortress Press Team: Bethany Dickerson, Associate Acquisitions Editor

By Bethany Dickerson June 1, 2022

Meet Bethany Dickerson, associate acquisitions editor at Fortress Press. Before joining us here at..

Meet the Fortress Press Team: Carey Newman, Executive Editor

By Carey Newman May 1, 2022

Carey Newman is executive editor at Fortress Press and is actively acquiring in biblical studies,..

8 Ecotheology Titles for Your Bookshelf

By Fortress Press April 22, 2022

As our world is increasingly affected by climate change, our authors explore these events and our..

Get to Know Grace Ji-Sun Kim, author of Invisible and Spirit Life

By Grace Ji-Sun Kim March 22, 2022

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, a prolific theologian, author or editor of over twenty books, including four she..

Face Your Fears to Free Your Soul

By Teri McDowell Ott March 17, 2022

Fear has always been my nemesis. My childhood was shaped by a painful shyness, panic attacks, and..

Resources from Eileen Campbell-Reed, author of Pastoral Imagination

By Eileen Campbell-Reed March 7, 2022

Not only has Eileen Campbell-Reed, author of Pastoral Imagination:Bringing the Practice of Ministry..


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